As a filmmaker I spend lots of my time working with companies to create their video content. I’ve done hundreds of projects ranging from corporate interviews to live event coverage and everything in between. There are literally thousands of ways brands can choose to tell their stories, but one common issue I see many of my clients struggle with is understanding why they want to create videos in the first place.

This may seem like a simple question that requires an equally simple answer, but without an established why creating effective video content is what I like to call Mission Impossible. You just can’t do it.


With recent advancements in video technology combined with the internet’s amazing ability to bring like minded people together we’re living in somewhat of a modern day gold rush for marketers using video to get their products in front of their customers. If you also consider the staggering rate at which modern consumers are devouring online video content it’s no wonder why companies are scrambling to figure out how to cash in on the hype train. But, in their mad dash to ‘go viral’  brands are losing sight of what makes video such a powerful medium in the first place.


The reason we love video isn’t because we want to buy your new widget and it’s definitely not because we’re craving another piece of advertising to get us through our day and that’s where most brands are simply just getting it wrong.

We love video because we’re human beings who need to form emotional connections with others. We love video because we have a strong desire to see people we like stand up for what they believe in and cheer them on as they struggle to conquer the challenges that stand in their way. We love video because it helps us connect to something deeply primal about ourselves. And, we love video because it allows us to feel like we’re part of something bigger than our own lives.

 As consumers we don’t want to interact with brands that are just trying to sell us stuff. We want to go deeper than that. We want to connect.

We want to create relationships with people who share our passions and interests. If your videos aren’t touching on those desires we instinctually shut you out because we sense your real intentions from a mile away.

I know it may seem crazy to think about creating video that doesn’t star your product as the main character, but trust me when I say that nobody on Facebook is going to share your video because they love the new lightweight design.


The solution to the problem actually isn’t as complicated as you may think, and it all comes back to defining your why.

If you really want to create effective video it’s all about shifting from a “What can I get out of this?” mentality to a “How can I create a meaningful experience for my customers?” mentality. It may force you to get a little creative, but by focusing on giving us a way to connect and engage with people we like you’re helping us contribute to a conversation that we’re already passionate about. For any brand thinking about making video a sizeable part of your marketing efforts figuring this out early will be important to your success.

By simply shifting your why you stop looking so much like a brand and start looking more like a contributing member of our community, and that’s the kind of brand we line up to support.


With modern audiences demanding more and more fresh content to consume it can be difficult to refrain from thoughtlessly jumping into action, but creating video just for the sake of being a part of the trend isn’t doing anything but adding to the noise.

We all know that revenue is a vitally important part of any successful company, but products and sales shouldn’t be the main topic of conversation between you and your customers. You should strive to form meaningful connections with real people and you should make an effort to contribute to the conversations they’re having.

By injecting a little personality into your brand and focusing on creating content that puts your customer’s passions first you’ll be well on your way to creating video that will have a much greater impact on the people you’re trying to reach.

How you decide to communicate with your customers is ultimately up to you, but once you’ve figured out your why the how becomes a much easier mission to accomplish. Isn’t that right Mr. Cruise?

Damn you Tom! Daaaaammmnnnnn yoooouuuu!!!!